QA 1We at J Hickinson & Son are committed to delivering a quality product to exact specifications of our customer, with full certification and traceability to ISO9001 supported by a skilled workforce.

At every stage of manufacturing including administration, purchasing and project engineering to the all-important team who implemented a production run – there is support provided.  This is the point at which component quality is determined.  Any discrepancies which do arise are dealt with by corrective action and also ‘prevention of recurrence’ action by addressing the root cause of any problems e.g. methods, equipment, information etc.  Providing a complete Quality Package.

Company management is dedicated to a continuous appraising and improving process with respect to the quality system and encourages, by formal and informal training methods, the full understanding and participation of all company personnel.

The Quality Manual is the premier document of the quality system and its requirements, together with the requirements of the documents referred to therein, are mandatory on all company personnel.